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Kriselie Monserrate, Realtor® (Real Estate Rockstar!)

Hi! I’m Kriselie, a Realtor with Go Realty in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m so happy you took the time to check out this page and learn a bit more about me. Thank you! I love working in real estate, but that’s just a part of my story. Before becoming a real estate agent with Go Realty I spent 7 years working for IBM as a software engineer within their Retail Store Solutions division. I graduated college with a BS in Computer Engineering, so I’ve always enjoyed solving problems and working with cutting edge technology. This has given me a great advantage in working with real estate today.

After working with IBM, I took a break for a couple of years while searching for true inspiration, and volunteered for a while for several wonderful local organizations like March of Dimes, Heartland Hospice, and several area hospitals, doing different things. It was a very rewarding experience to spend time reading books to patients, or just spending time with them, helping them feel loved and cared for. These experiences helped me find my true motivation, which comes from working to help people… so, I started looking for a career in which I could focus doing so. That’s when real estate found me!

I launched my real estate career with the goal of matching a person or family to their ideal home. Home is where some of life’s most precious moments happen. It’s a place where people build their dreams and memories, whether it’s the birth of a new child, afternoons in the yard with pets running free, birthday parties, or cookouts with family or friends. I want to help people find the place to live their ideal lifestyle. Every person is different, so this is different for everyone. I like to help people beyond just finding a house with a specific number of rooms or bathrooms, because life is so much more than that! It’s location, walk-ability, security, proximity to friends or amenities, schools, you name it.

I’ve lived in Raleigh since 2002, and have seen the city’s explosive growth and rapid development over that period. I currently live in downtown Raleigh where I share my life with my husband Manuel and 2 beautiful dogs. My husband Manuel works for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions as a marketing IT specialist.


Sandy and Bella, our two doggies, love walking around the city streets where they constantly meet people and other dogs. I am in love with this city’s life, its constant moving pace and the opportunities at every corner to meet people and enjoy new experiences.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting training and experience in different areas in real estate. Whether it’s helping first-time home buyers understand the details involved in real estate transactions, or zeroing in on the needs of seasoned investors, or even helping sellers with unique situations, I love helping people solve their real estate challenges. I am very committed to helping you achieve your real estate dreams, so contact me today and let’s talk about how I can help you!

Manuel Monserrate, Downtown Raleigh Resident, Blogger, Software Ninja by Day

There will be a bio for Manuel here someday. For now, consider him a super secret agent with a hidden identity. ;)


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